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Simone Favarin
Simone Favarin
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CDO (Chief Digital Officer) and WebWashing Designer (technique for cleans your name on the web departs from the news that ruin the reputation) since 2003, today I use my skills to help my clients improve their business and I helps companies scale up their business adopting data driven strategies.

I have worked both online and offline for famous brands, organized campaigns, drew different design items. My curiosity led me to deeply know and work in different areas and markets: from fashion to automotive, from sports to charity campaigns and product launches. I actively worked on the redesign of (7.6 million monthly users) and

I developed an industrial design project, a chair called Rouge and the Motivi&I marketing strategy and Fidelity Program. In 2013 i have founded the FBDA/GROUP connected by the Visual Connexion. I am constantly improving my studies in cognitive psychology methods, to get the best result in problem solving through visual thinking.

I believe in people and in talents, in hard and cooperative work.

Vertical Skills

Cognitive Psychology, Business process, Luxury/ Fashion, New-Media – Entertainment


Team Building
Experience in digital marketing and communication
Leadership capabilities in building teams, strategizing, and implementing workable digital marketing plans
Managing internal creative department as well as external agencies
Experience of campaign management (Google AdWords, AdMob, Email)


2008 Webby Awards Honores per
2008 W3 Awards for
2008 Silver Awards for
2008 Special Star graphic design Mitour Alfaromeo
2008 Special Star soundtrack La voce del Mister
2008 IKA Awards for Honorable Mentions at
2008 IKA Awards for
2009 IKA Awards + Davey Awards: alfaromeo@goodwood
2011 IKA Awards for alfaromeo